Sweatz: A Photo Collaboration between famous cat photographer Dustin Fenstermacher and famous cool guy Neil Binkley.

Let's just begin by saying that it's REALLY hard to find a pair of matching pink  sweatpants and sweatshirt that DOESN'T either look like "sexy" yoga pants or the latest American Apparel jeggings. Locating the ultimate in unflattering sweatwear requires, to put it scientifically, a lot of internet research and failed trips to big box stores. Apparently, pink sweatsuits are not as in-demand as we'd hoped.

Anyway, the purpose of the shoot was to have different people wear the exact same pair of unflattering sweatsuits — Ladies' Large – to somehow focus on our differences and similarities in some kind of kumbaya moment of anti-fashion sensibility. 

Did it work? Well, we had a lot of people who were willing (and still waiting) to wear the sweatsuits. So we don't really care if it worked. It was fun, and we may even continue this project with celebrities, celebrity cats, celebrity’s cats — who knows? 

Contact us at coolguy@binkleyplus.com if you're ready to don the sweats.